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Good Sports, Inc., provides technical assistance to colleges and universities, high schools, and middle schools in complying with the athletics provisions of Title IX.

Full Program Review. A full program review is the equivalent of a federal government investigation and involves collecting and analyzing detailed information for every team for all 13 Title IX program areas. Potential major and minor compliance concerns in each area are identified. Alternatives for compliance are explained, first orally, then followed by a thorough written report. Collecting information involves the completion of questionnaires, a three to five day on-site visit, and collection of specific information such as budgets, squad lists, media guides, coaches’ contracts, enrollment information, etc. The on-site visit includes a tour of facilities (including practice and competitive facilities, locker rooms, training rooms, weight rooms, equipment rooms, and office space) and interviews with the head coaches and some athletics staff. The longest questionnaire is that for the head coach, while questionnaires for assistant coaches and most staff require less than an hour to complete. The questionnaires are sent in advance of the scheduled on-site visit to allow staff to complete them at their convenience. The questionnaires include reasonable cross-checks of information to enhance accuracy. The written report outlines the issues reviewed, summarizes the benefits provided to students, identifies any compliance concerns, and explains specific options for remedying compliance problems. Because of the extensive detail collected and analyzed, we recommend that our full program reviews be conducted only every five years unless there have been significant changes in coaching assignments or sports offerings. Since founding Good Sports, Inc., in 1994, we have conducted multiple full program reviews for many of our clients.

Advisory Consultation. Advisory consultations may involve a general review of several Title IX program areas or target specific issues, for example, sports offerings (the accommodation of interests and abilities – three part-test) or scholarships, for thorough analyses. The issues reviewed determine whether an on-site visit is necessary and the type of data to be collected. Conclusions and remedies for compliance concerns may be presented with an oral briefing and/or written summary. The second most requested service after our full program reviews is a detailed analysis of the three-part test under the accommodation of interests and abilities. Interests and abilities reviews do not require an on-site visit.

Costs for Reviews. Costs are quoted based on the number of teams, competitive level, and the number of head coaches. Full program reviews may range in costs for professional time from $2,500 for the smallest of community college and secondary school programs to $15,000 for the largest of NCAA-FBS programs. Costs for advisory consultations of all 13 Title IX athletics program components are approximately 30% less than full program reviews. Expenses incurred are charged for full program reviews and advisory consultations of all 13 program components. Expenses are capped at $1,500 as assurance that costs not exceed that amount.

Costs for Three-Part Test / Scholarship Reviews. The cost for a thorough analysis of the accommodation of interests and abilities (the three-part test) is $2,500. The cost for a thorough analysis of the three-part test and scholarships is $3,000. There are no expenses. Costs for other individual program components vary by issue.

Title IX Self-Evaluation Classes. Participants in the Title IX self-evaluation classes learn how to conduct an analysis of an intercollegiate athletics program by actually analyzing their own programs during these intensive three-day, two-day, or one-day classes. By the end of the class, participants will learn not only how to conduct Title IX analyses, they will have answers regarding their institution’s compliance status for the Title IX program components covered during the class. Class sizes often range from 2 to 10 participants. Participants receive a copy of our self-evaluation manual “Title IX and Intercollegiate Athletics: How It All Works – In Plain English” as part of their tuition. Participants must bring significant program documents with them to the class (which may include squad lists, coaching assignments, team schedules, scholarship information, and coaches and/or staff questionnaires to be completed electronically). Educators may schedule a class at their convenience. See here for additional information.

Tutoring. Tutoring services are intended to assist athletics staff, postsecondary and secondary school administrators, graduate and other students in understanding the Title IX requirements for athletics programs. Athletics or institution personnel may choose to review program documents during the tutoring session. Any analysis of documents requested by institution personnel apart from the tutoring session would be subject to higher consulting fees. Participants may also choose to do chapter reviews of our self-evaluation manual / desk references: “Title IX and Intercollegiate Athletics: How It All Works – In Plain English,” or “Title IX and Interscholastic Athletics: How It All Works – In Plain English.” Tutoring sessions are for one or two participants and may be provided by telephone. Otherwise, in-person sessions may be arranged in San Diego, California. Tutoring costs are: for one participant – $100.00 per hour, and $25 for every 15 minutes after the first hour; for two participants – $75 per person per hour, and $25 per person for every 20 minutes after the first hour. See here for additional information.

Seminar / Workshop. A seminar of one to two hours (lecture format with questions and answers) or a longer workshop (some practical, hands-on experience for staff in analyzing information concerning their program) covers the basic areas for compliance. The participants for a seminar or workshop may include athletics administrators, coaches, institution counsel, institution administrators, or others as identified by institution officials. Costs are based on the specific request.

Question and Answer Session. A question and answer session of one or more hours may be arranged as a cost-effective alternative for a seminar. As there is no set format or preparation time involved, the costs for professional time are hourly. A Q & A Session may be arranged by conference call, if desired.

Document Reviews. Reports and draft documents may be reviewed for Title IX considerations. An oral briefing and/or written summary may be provided. Hourly rates plus expenses incurred may be charged for specific requests.

Written Guidance. Written analyses and guidance may be provided for case-specific requests. Hourly rates plus expenses incurred may be charged for specific requests.


Our clients include colleges and universities, high schools, collegiate athletics conferences, national and regional athletics conferences, including the NCAA, several state high school associations, state bar associations, and national sport organizations. We have conducted full program reviews and advisory consultations for NCAA Division I-A (FBS), I-AA (FCS), I-AAA, Division II, and Division III institutions, NAIA, Community College, and high school programs.